After having their child, parents may decide against the popular christening that many look on as a Christian ceremony and rather choose to do a naming ceremony. This is a way to celebrate the coming of the child. Through this ceremony, you can introduce the child to the whole world and possibly get mentors to be there throughout the child’s life.

When planning a naming ceremony, there are a couple of things to consider. You will have to get a naming celebrant, choose a date and venue for the celebration, as well as choose mentors. All of these should be done in good time to ensure the ceremony is not disturbed in anyway.

Choosing a celebrant

There are people who are licensed to perform the ceremony. It is important to choose the right celebrant for the occasion. To locate a celebrant, you can ask around for some useful clues. However, the best help is the internet where it is more comfortable and convenient to do a quick search. Make sure you have a settled date before you contact the celebrant. This will ensure you that you choose a celebrant who is free on the said date.

Choose a venue

When you have a date for the occasion and also have a celebrant for the date, make sure to look for the appropriate venue for that date. There are many places around town that will be willing to host such an event. The issue will be to find a venue that will be available for the day. However, by diligently searching, you should be able to get the right venue.

Choose the baby’s mentors

In Christian ceremonies, you will try to find Godparents to serve as spiritual guidance for the baby. However, for a naming ceremony, you will have to get people to serve as mentors. This would be close friends or families. The role of the mentor will be to serve as guardians for the child but not necessarily in a spiritual perspective.

Apart from getting a celebrant, choosing a mentor and getting the right venue, you will also have to send invites early. This is the kind of ceremony where you will want to see all your close friends. To make sure you have all the people you really want to at the event, you have to inform them of the event very early. 

Also do not forget the food and drinks for the day. If you can’t do this yourself, think of getting a caterer to handle everything for the day. At the end of the day is you start planning for the day early, you should be able to have everything in place for the day